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  • Manage and Protect critical business data
  • Encrypted backups for data protection
  • Restore to cloud or on premise hardware
  • 100% reliable cloud backup and restores
  • Outsource your Backup and Disaster Recovery

KBIT Cloud Hosted Backups


All businesses, no matter big or small, have important data that needs to be protected such as the sensitive information of staff, customers and the business itself. It is essential for all businesses to have a backup system and disaster recovery plan in place to reduce the risks of data loss or compromisation. 


KBIT provides enterprise-level data protection and disaster recovery using our trusted and reliable cloud-hosted backup solutions for your business. 


What does it mean to back up your data to the cloud? 


The old-fashioned way of backing up your data was through physical, costly and bulky storage solutions that become inconvenient when hardware needs to be updated or worse, it breaks down - potentially losing all of your valuable data. 


With today’s powerful online technology, you can easily store and back up your data online via cloud networks and completely off-site. The cloud networks operate completely digitally, so there is very little risk for data loss and corruption. You’ll also be able to access. your data anytime and anywhere, through any computer or mobile device.


Switch to cloud-hosted backups today and safeguard your data. We will work with you to provide the configured backup solutions that meet your business’ specific needs. 


KBIT Cloud Backup Solution for secure and reliable disaster recovery


KBIT Cloud Hosted Backups offer your business a completely automated and managed cloud backup solution for secure data protection and reliable disaster recovery.

  • Multi-level enhanced security
  • Enterprise-level data backup
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fast data restoration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cloud Hosted Backup?

Cloud Hosted Backups offers the storing and backing-up of digital data externally through cloud networks; a virtual storage and backup system that operates completely online and off-site.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Hosted Backups?

The benefit of Cloud Hosted Backups is that it is completely online. Data backups are automated so there is less risk of data loss and in an event of a disaster, data can be recovered and restored much more easily. Data is also readily available and accessed from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

How Would Cloud Hosted Backups Help My Business?

Cloud backups offer a high level of data protection and security for your business with a multi-level encryption system that is completely automated and managed online. This makes it very easy to maintain, provides reliable disaster recovery and saves your business on operational costs.

Why Do I Need Cloud Hosted Backups?

All businesses need to protect their sensitive information e.g. the personal details of staff and customers. Cloud-hosted backups provide an effective and secure way to store and backup your data online without the need for physical hardware that takes up space.

How Protected Is My Data On The Cloud?

All data on the cloud is backed up through a multi-level encryption system, providing high data protection and low risks of data loss or compromisation.

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